Your purchase of a home or other real estate may be the largest investment of your life. No real estate should be purchased without having the boundaries surveyed and marked. This will ensure that it's location conforms to the deed description and that no encroachments that would affect the property.

Real estate development is also subject to considerable legislation and regulations, not least of which are building codes, and regulations pertaining to sewage disposal and the protection of wetlands. The use of property may further be limited by zoning regulations and deed restrictions. The professionals at W.T Whalen have vast experience in the most efficient use of land be it small or large, commercial or residential. Our professionals can provide the necessary planning, design specifications and layout service necessary to gain approval by the appropriate regulatory agencies.


The following service are offered:


* Site and subdivision planning preliminary and definitive

* Road and utility Engineering

* Topographic surveys

* Land court Plans

* Construction and house stake outs

* Office consultation

* Plan and deed research

* Mortgage inspection plans

* Lot surveys

* Surveyor's certificate

* Form A plans

* Locating utilities

* Wetlands flagging

* Setting of boundary markers

* Courier service ( 5 mile limit)

* Free estimates

* Representations at planning and zone meetings


We have state of the art equipment with full reproduction facilities, fielding two to four man field crews.

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